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Helpful Tips For Selling Your Home

First Impressions Are Lasting
How about a few colorful annuals? Is the yard groomed and neatly trimmed? Is the yard free of debris? Do any shrubs need replacing? Are the fences in good condition, gates operating property? Is the front door free of smudges and fingerprints? Are the windows clean? Does the house need paint?

Decorate for a Quick Sale
Are the walls and woodwork fresh and bright?
Should the color scheme be more neutral? Most buyers find light colored walls appealing
Can the sun shine in? Open curtains and let the buyers see how cheerful your home can be.

Repairs Can Make a BIG Difference
Fix those leaky faucets, sticking doors and windows, and warped cabinet doors.
Fix screen doors and windows that operate improperly or have holes in the mesh.

Make the Interior look BIGGER
Remove clutter from all rooms, including closets. Well organized interiors look largest.

Bathrooms Help Sell Homes
Make this room sparkle. Invest in new shower curtains, towels and mats in beautiful colors.
Check and repair caulking in bathtubs/showers. Keep light bulbs replaced with sufficient intensity.

Arrange Bedrooms Neatly
Use attractive bedspreads and keep the beds neatly made. Remove excess furniture, books and magazines. Keep all shoes and clothing in closets.

Kitchens - Buyers are Super Critical
Keep work space clear and uncluttered - this always makes the area look larger.
Stove, refrigerator and sink should all be spotless.

Avoid Last Minute Suprises
If you home has not had a recent stuctural pest control inspection, it would be wise to roder one at the time of the listing. A homeowner can often correct some problems at a much lower cost than what is quoted. In addition, having the termite report prior to the sale allows you the opportunity to clear the work or at least to negotiate the sale from a stronger position.

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