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Checklist for a Loan Application

Purchase contract and property information
____ Complete copy of the sales contract
____ Mailing address and property description
____ Contact information for access to the property
____ Plans and specification (new construction only)

Personal information
____ Social security number
____ Age
____ Years of schooling
____ Marital status
____ Number and age of dependents
____ Current address and telephone numbers
____ Addresses for the past seven years (if more than one)
____ Current housing expense (rent, mortgage, insurance, taxes)
____ Name and address of landlord/mortgage holder (past two years only)

____ Employment history and income
____ Two years of employment history, with complete details of each job
____ Recent pay stubs and two years of W-2 forms
____ Complete tax returns and financial statements if self-employed
____ Written explanation of employment gaps
____ Records of dividends and interest received
____ Proof of other income

____ Complete information on all bank and money market accounts
____ Two months of bank statements
____ Current values of stocks, bonds, mutal funds and other investments
____ Vested interest in retirement funds
____ Value of life insurance
____ Information on any cars you own
____ Information on any real estate you own
____ Value of any significant personal property you own

Liabilities and debts
____ Itemized list of all current debts: loans, credit cards and other bills
____ Written explanation of any past credit problems
____ Full details of bankruptcy during the last seven years, if possible

____ Credit report and appraisal fees (usually $500 or less)

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