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1415 Keoncrest Drive, Berkeley
Offered at: $595,000 - SOLD

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We both so clearly remember one of the first evenings we spent in this house. We were famished so we tossed on some shoes and headed out to College Avenue. It was December, so the night was crisp and the twinkling holiday lights on the street sparkled. In less than a minute, we were at College with what seemed like an infinite number of dining choices in front of us. Neither of us can remember what we ate (although very likely could have been Soi 4, easily one of the best Thai restaurants you’ll ever go to), but we both remember that tingly feeling "we are so unbelievably lucky to live here!"

We love this house. It has seen us through a number of major life events: we moved in together, got married and had our first baby in this house. In celebrations and everyday life, it has given our family, friends, and us so much happiness. We are only leaving because the opportunity came to keep our grandparents' house in the family, and we are leaving with heavy hearts.

What makes the house great?
  • Location is the best ever - neither of us has ever lived in a house in such a great location. The Walking Score, which is very good, doesn't do the house justice. Almost everything is within a few minutes walking, and absolutely everything is within a few minutes driving. Restaurants, BART, grocery stores, parks, farmers' markets, music and dance classes, and even freeways.
  • Nice neighbors all around us made a big difference. Leigh and Marco next door are very kind and responsible, especially when we needed it. Everyone else was terrific too -- Larry helped us install eco-friendly toilets, Robert and Lisa made us marmalade from our lemon tree, Armin and Ruth brought us baklava in the first week after we bought the house, and we can always get a last minute cab ride from Joe. And it's not only the neighbors nearby who are wonderful - the block has a yahoo group to share tips or updates, and a yearly "Kales night out" BBQ / potluck.
  • All the space we needed for our family. We had enough for a baby's room, two offices, one with a guest bed, a baby play area and plenty of tchotchkes.
  • Plenty of storage, in closets, attic, basement, and the shed. Everything could find a home, be it large, small, fragile, heat-sensitive, or a well-used tool. Our baby's bedroom has a wonderful closet that fit all of the gifts we received and more. We never did have to prune two households' worth of stuff - although we're not sure if that was a great idea.
  • The yards are pretty, good for entertaining and are made to run themselves. The backyard in particular is great for summer dinners and throwing the ball around. The shed held all of our gardening tools, dirt and any and every moving box we collected.
  • The downstairs layout is perfect for entertaining, in every room. It has a very open, fluid layout that kids (and adults too) love. The half bath makes a tremendous difference.
  • A long driveway comes in very handy. We can fit four standard size cars in the driveway without issue, which happened more than expected.
We had been looking at houses for a while when this house came on the market and we knew immediately that it was the house for us. It had everything we were looking for and more - few houses can claim that! And although we went in with high expectations, we ended up being more pleased than we anticipated thanks to all this area has to offer. But most importantly, the house was the first home for our laughing, joyful daughter and we will always remember the happy and tired days we spent here with her. We appreciate the wonderful years we've had in this home, and hope that the next owners have the same good fortune and happiness we found.

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